Simultaneous Operations  
(SIMOPS) Assessment 
Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS) Assessment 

Introduction to Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS) Assessment 

We have a wealth of experience in facilitating comprehensive simultaneous operations (SIMOPS) reviews. SIMOPS are defined as the potential clash of activities which could bring about an undesired event or set of circumstances, e.g., safety, environment or financial. 
Are you planning SIMOPS? Have you assessed the risk? 

SIMOPS Concept 

The principle is conveniently illustrated in a Venn diagram. One or more activities (the number is not finite) can interact (clash). The hazards/risks inherent in the interaction(s) may be variable. A potential hazardous zone surrounds the activities that may directly or indirectly impact on adjacent facilities, equipment, people, the environment, etc. The extent (dimensions, nature) of this hazardous zone can be variable. 
SIMOPS can involve multiple companies (owners, contractors, sub-contractors, and vendors), large multi-disciplined workforces and a range of daily, 24-hr, routine and non-routine construction, commissioning, and operation activities. SIMOPS activities can significantly increase the risk level, with serious and sometimes disastrous consequences. Contact Safety Engineering Solutions today to find out more. 


Hazard Identification (HAZID) studies are the first step in SIMOPS assessments to elicit the hazards. When risks are assessed, the assessment becomes a hazard identification and risk assessment (HIRA) exercise. 
The HIRA technique is commonly used in the assessment of SIMOPS and we have practical experience of leading such studies, including the development of SIMOPS matrix of permitted operations (MOPO). Our facilitators are all IChemE trained with a wealth of experience in different industries. We manage the whole process from developing terms of reference, through to management of study actions, if required. 
Using PHA Pro to record the review allows for the capture of efficiencies, thereby saving assessment time. We can also provide a technical scribe, if required. 
See link to Lead Facilitator credentials. 

SIMOPS Matrix of Permitted Operations (MOPO) 

The development of a SIMOPS matrices of permitted operations (MOPO) as a key aspect in the assessment of SIMOPS. 
The MOPO is an x-y chart showing which pairs of activities (which can be standalone or pairs of activities) can be permitted a) without restriction and b) with restrictions. 
It also shows which pairs of activities are prohibited. 
The MOPO is a tool used by those coordinating the SIMOPS. 
The MOPO can be developed in Excel format with embedded intelligence behind it. It can also be developed in Bowtie XP and be linked to Bowties. 

SIMOPS Bowties 

Bowties are a very useful way to illustrate how SIMOPS hazards and risks are being managed. See the link to Bowties for more detail. 

SIMOPS Philosophy 

A SIMOPS Philosophy document is a great way to ensure consistent application of SIMOPS across your organisation. We can develop the SIMOPS Philosophy for your based on current good practice. 

Contact Safety Engineering Solutions today to find out more 

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