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We have a wealth of experience at chairing and facilitating hazard and operability (HAZOP) reviews, HAZOP studies, HAZOP workshops. Leading HAZOP studies and HAZOP workshops requires not only sound technical knowledge, but also good HAZOP leadership skills. At Safety Engineering Solutions, we have both. See below for more detail on each.



HAZOP is an industry standard technique, a team-based assessment of a process using a structured methodology to brainstorm the causes of deviations from normal operating conditions. See link for more detail about the HAZOP technique.


Our primary HAZOP Chairman is Alastair Millard -an IChemE trained with a wealth of experience in different industries. The HAZOP Facilitator will manage the whole process from developing the terms of reference, through to management of HAZOP actions. Using PHA Pro (or other software of your choice) to record the review allows for the capture of efficiencies, thereby saving assessment time. We can also provide a technical scribe. Contact Safety Engineering Solutions today to find out more.


See link to HAZOP Study Leader credentials.

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