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At Safety Engineering solutions, we have solid experience of firefighting design using state of the art software such as Pipenet and AFT Fathom. We can assess your fire water / foam demand requires for all credible fire scenarios and then design the fire fighting system accordingly.

Fire Water Demand | Foam Demand

The assessment of fire water / fire fighting foam demands is an integral part of the fire fighting system design. We perform the assessment using codes and standards such as API and NFPA.


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Fire Water Network Hydraulics

Having understood the firewater demands, the next step is the assessment of required fire storage water capacity and points of use. A firewater network hydraulic analysis is performed to ensure that the fire water is delivered at the necessary flow rate and pressure at the points of use e.g. sprinklers, deluge valves, hydrants and monitors. We perform the assessment using state-of-the-art software either Pipenet or Fathom, both of which are NFPA compliant. The analysis checks for aspects such as maximum permissible velocity, effect of network blockage etc. It's a dynamic assessment and various scenarios can be checked to ensure that the system performs to performance standards under all foreseeable scenarios. We can conduct the analysis based on information provided and can also undertake surveys where data may be missing.


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Fire Fighting System Specification | Fire Fighting Datasheets


Fire fighting system specifications, user requirements specifications (URS), functional design specifications (FDS) and equipment datasheets can be developed to comprehensively support the basis of safety and provide a basis for vendors to bid against. We have a dearth of experience in these matters for fire water, foam and gaseous fire suppression systems.

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