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A fire and explosion risk assessment (FERA) is an essential part of the facility basis of safety and a mandatory requirement under certain regulatory regimes (e.g. DSEAR, COMAH, OSCR). Having a documented assessment will reduce your risk exposure.  If you store or process dangerous substances, you also need to assess your risk. Safety Engineering Solutions can help. All sectors and industries accommodated. Do you know your risk?

Consequence Modelling | Dispersion Modelling

Consequence modelling is conducted using DNV-GL's PHAST software. Consequences of planned (e.g. venting and purging) or unplanned releases (loss of containment) are quantitatively assessed and hazard distances graphically presented for a range of leak sizes including minor to catastrophic rupture cases. The results can be presented on a map overlay of the site for thermal radiation, flash fire, explosions and toxics highlighting where vulnerabilities are. The assessment is performed for flammable, toxic and dangerous substances. 

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Fire & Explosion Assessment (FEA) | Fire and Explosion Risk Assessment (FERA)


The consequence modelling feeds into the fire and explosion assessment or FEA (which is consequence-based), fire and explosion risk assessment or FERA (which is risk-based). The assessment summarises the fire and explosion hazards, the risks and assesses the efficacy of the various layers of protection which underpin the basis of safety. Any shortfalls in protection and identified and recommendations made to ensure risks are as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP). Safety Engineering Solutions will perform the assessment and document the results in the form of a comprehensive FERA or FEA report. 

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